AI Gallery

AI Gallery Review: An AI Art Generator Tool for Creative Enthusiasts

If you are looking for a creative and innovative way to explore AI-generated art, the AI Gallery is an excellent tool that you should consider trying.

It is an AI art generator tool that offers a range of models, samplers, post-processors, and guidance options that allow you to create unique and captivating artworks.

User-Friendly Interface

One of the best things about AI Gallery is its user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful and unique art pieces.

The intuitive controls and easy-to-use features allow you to experiment with different styles and effects, from abstract to realistic, and everything in between.

You don’t need to be an expert in art or AI to use the tool; all you need is your imagination and a few clicks!

Range of Models

AI Gallery provides users with a variety of models to choose from, including k_lmsk_heunk_eulerk_euler_ak_dpm_2k_dpm_2_ak_dpm_fastk_dpm_adaptivek_dpmpp_2mk_dpmpp_2s_ak_dpmpp_sde13051251271 and more.

These models help to transform your uploaded images into stunning works of art.

Customizable Options

The tool offers options for batch size, steps, width, and height that are customizable.

This means that you can create artworks that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

You can also save presets, load history, and reset the generation, which makes it easy to start from scratch or continue working on a previous project.

Stable Horde

Stable Horde is a powerful crowdsourced distributed cluster designed to support AI models for both image and text generation.

It consists of a network of workers that collaborate to generate high-quality images and text, making it a giant hub for AI models.

The AI Gallery uses this technology to enhance its image generation process.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of AI Gallery is free, which makes it accessible to everyone.

You can create stunning artworks without spending hours or days trying to master complicated software. Instead, you can focus on unleashing your creativity and experimenting with new ideas.


If you want prioritized generations, you may register an account.

This will give an API key that can be used to generate images on this site or others.

Make sure to never share this key! Anonymous/non-registered users have the lowest priority in the queue, resulting in slower generation times.

Your API key is set to connect anonymously by default; you can change this behavior through the settings tab.

To increase your priority further, try increasing your Kudos by setting up a worker or by contributing and being gifted by the kind fellows in the discord server.

Timeout Error

If you encounter the timeout error, it means that your prompt has been flagged as unethical.

The timeout error occurs to protect the Horde from the worst of the worst. To fix this error, try changing or removing words from your prompt that could be deemed as such.

Final Thoughts

AI Gallery is an excellent AI art generator tool that provides an excellent platform for creative enthusiasts to explore the endless possibilities of AI-generated art.

With its user-friendly interface, customizable options, and range of models, this tool is an excellent choice for anyone looking to experiment with new ideas and unleash their creativity.

The pricing model of AI Gallery is free, which makes it accessible to everyone.

Try AI Gallery today and discover the exciting world of AI-generated art!